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The Laser Turntable changes the face of music!


yes, it's a laser record player!

Since Edison's invention of the phonograph the world has collected an irreplaceable library of sound, a precious sonic history. This library deserves a playback device that will subtract nothing from its treasure while we enjoy its wealth. Audio fans, record lovers, sound engineers and people around the world who are responsible for the preservation of this cultural heritage have long sought such an instrument. This dream has been achieved by a joint effort of people in Japan and the United States using the latest technology to develop the Laser Turntable (registered trade name, ELP). The Laser Turntable employs five laser beams to track the record groove. Like a needle made of light it faithfully reproduces the audio information on the record and transmits it as an analog signal. It brings you as close as you can get to hearing the original sound.

 Music fans have never seen a piece of audio equipment like the Laser Turntable. If you're a record collector, vinyl enthusiast, or simply are fascinated by audio equipment, ELP's creation is for you. Nowhere else will you find a record player that produces CD quality sound from vinyl records. Those used records you have piled in the basement or that you find at garage sales can sound like new on the Laser Turntable, or even better than new!

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 Contact-Free, 5 Beam Optical Record Player



 Drawer system (Open/Close)
 Automatic lead-in, lead-out
 Programming (Max. 15 songs)
 Forward and back scan (2 speed)
 Forward and back search
 Cueing (Muting)
 Total, Elapsed, Remaining time
 Record size, Revolution

 Record Type

 Black Records of 12" (30cm), 10" (25 cm), 7" (17cm)

 Drive System

 Computer Controlled Belt-Drive system

 Speed Control



 0.1rpm steps
 0.2rpm steps

 0.1rpm steps

 10 ~ 25,000Hz
 20 ~ 20,000Hz ±3 db (LP Record)

 Channel Separation

 Depends on separation of Records
 >25 db 20 ~ 20,000Hz (DIN 45 543 Test Record)


 4.3mVrms 5cm/S 1kHz Lateral
 9.7mVrms 8cm/S 1kHz 45" Left or Right modulation
 (11.3/S 1kHz Lateral) much like MM cartridge


 <0.5% DIN45 543 1kHz Ref. Level

 Wow & Flutter

 <0.07% WRMS

 Output Terminal

 RCA pin jacks

 Power Supply Voltage

 100V 50/60Hz, 120, 220, or 240V Available

 Power Consumption

 80W (Max.)


 470mm(W) X 480mm(D) X 170mm(H)



Additional Specifications

The Laser Turntable connects to your pre-amp from outputs located under the FUNCTION switch, “MONO”. “LEFT”, “RIGHT”. (Input impedance 47k ohm)


Design and specifications change with each upgrade.

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