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The Reigning King of the Line Dances

By Christopher Mills

For years the Electric Slide was the reigning king of all the line dances.  You couldn't go to any event, where a live DJ was featured, without hearing the number one line dance of all time.  As time went by though, DJs across the nation started looking for something new to replace the Electric Slide.  The reign of this old line dance was great, but after years, it was still the same old line dance.

In 1995, rumors of a new line dance happening south of the border were heating up within the DJ community.  And then it hit, the Macarena made its way up north and unseated the Electric Slide as the champion of the line dances.  Who can forget the 1996 Democratic Convention.  Thousands of Democrats and politicians performing the Macarena scattered over every news channel in the nation.  Who would have thought that in less than a year a line dance could have gained so much popularity.  But as fast as its candle burned, it burnt out equally as fast.  After a year and a half, the electric slide regained its throne as the king of the line dances.

Enter the year 2000.  A new millennium.  Time for a change.  And a change is exactly what the DJ community got at the DJ Times DJ Expo in Atlantic City.  On the first night of the convention we were introduced to the "Casper Slide Pt. 2" (otherwise known as the Cha-Cha Slide).

The reaction to this new slide was incredible.  It incorporated the old Electric Slide with some new steps, jumps, and stomps to make it that much more exciting.  Everyone wanted to get their hands on a copy of it that night.  Nobody could wait.  I was fortunate to be one of the few to get my hands on a copy.  I took this new line dance home with me with high expectations.

My first gig back from the Expo was a three day stretch at Wet-N-Wild Water Park over Labor Day weekend.  After about an hour into the show I decided it was time to drop the new slide on them.  My first thoughts were that I wouldn't have any problem pulling the younger crowd out with this one.  Than, much to my surprise, the Casper Slide brought out men and women of all ages.  Talk about being pumped up.  My next gig after Wet-N-Wild was a republican fund raiser.  The average age at the show was about 45.  I was a little hesitant to play the new slide and just when I was about to play the old Electric Slide, I remembered what happened at the 1996 Democratic National Convention with the Macarena.  I quickly switched to the new slide, pressed play, and jumped in front of the crowd to lead them.  The response was great and all concerns I ever had about playing this song to certain crowds were swept away that night.

The new slide is now a regular in the mix at all my shows.  Now...will the new slide dethrone the original as the king of the line dances?  Only time will tell.  But for now, I will keep pushing the Casper Slide Pt.2 and you should too.  The excitement and energy it brings to the show will only add to your event and make you look that much better.

Christopher Mills
Owner of CJs DJs, Located in New Mexico
Moderator at


Writers note:  The Casper Slide Pt. 2 has been released nationally and can be found at most major music stores.  The name of the CD is "Cha Cha Slide."

The writer has never meet the creator of the Casper Slide Pt.2, but endorses the new slide because he feels that it will help our industry gain greater heights.


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