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 Hall of Famer Makes
 Lead Spinner At Klub Kokomo


PS Theatricals is pleased to announce the world premiere of an exciting romantic comedy, “Klub Kokomo.”  This environmental evening, featuring hit songs from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, will be presented at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, November 24 - December 31, 2000.  Mark Lindsay, the former lead singer of “Paul Revere and the Raiders,” will make a special appearance at each performance, singing selections from his chart-topping career.  

“Klub Kokomo” explores the different challenges of mid-life, versus the trials and tribulations faced in one’s 20s.  The story highlights Bobby and Nicky, a former couple facing the ups and downs of mid-life, whose relationship is revisited when they run into each other at the opening of a fabulous new nightclub called Klub Kokomo. The audience is swept into the couple’s lives as they reminisce about their childhood romance in the 1960s, relive their wild days of the 1970s, and sort through the challenges their relationship now faces.

The audience members become patrons of “Klub Kokomo” and are entertained from the moment they enter the theatre, until they choose to leave. The venue will be transformed into the nightclub, based on former Beach Boy (and associate producer) Mike Love’s newest club venture, complete with a bouncer at the door, a dance floor, bars and an exclusive VIP Suite.  Following the performance, the nightclub becomes an actual place for the audience to enjoy and dance the night away to the sounds of Hall of Fame DJ Bernie Howard.

Klub Kokomo is a play, mini-concert and a surround sound nightclub running 5 nights week until New Years Eve. It's the story of the Grand Opening of a retro 60's - 70's nightclub. Each night, it features a 2 hour play, a mini- concert featuring Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere and the Raiders fame) and finally dancing the night away to the music you loved then and still love now! On New Years Eve, "The Turtles" (Flo and Eddie and their band) will be performing "live" with Bernie Howard. "The sound will be truly spectacular" stated Bernie, "the first Chicagoland club with Gemini 5.1 Circle Surround Concert Sound!"

“Klub Kokomo” is produced and conceived by event marketing pioneer Paul Stanley, with  Mike Love (lead singer of The Beach Boys) serving as associate producer.  The production will be directed by Joseph Jefferson Award-winner Richard Shavzin, former artistic director of Strawdog Theatre Company, and Bryan Chadima will serve as musical director.

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