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American Audio Introduces PRO-SCRATCH 1:

First Single CD Player For Scratching

LOS ANGELES--  American Audio has come out with the world's first single CD player that "scratches"  like a turntable.  The new PRO-SCRATCH 1 professional CD player lets DJs scratch with the sound of an authentic analog turntable, while offering the convenience of a digital CD player.

The unit features a platter-like wheel on top of the CD player, which is used for scratching. This disk-shaped platter has grooves and a finger indention that makes it easy to scratch, providing DJs with the feel, as well as the sound, of a genuine "vinyl" turntable.

"The PRO-SCRATCH 1 is truly a revolutionary product for the scratching DJ," says John Brown, national sales manager of American Audio.  "With this amazing CD player, DJs can scratch and produce sounds that are virtually identical to a vinyl record, not something ‘canned' or digitized." 

Another advantage of the PRO-SCRATCH 1 is that it allows DJs to use CDs instead of vinyl records, giving them a much larger selection of software for their performances.  It also cuts down on software expenses, because DJs can use their existing CD library. 

In addition to scratching like a turntable, the PRO-SCRATCH 1 incorporates a wide range of sampling and sound effects that today's DJs demand.  Heading a long list of extraordinary features is Q-start which, when used with a mixer (sold separately), allows DJs to go directly to any pre-programmed cue point on a CD.

The PRO-SCRATCH 1 is also equipped with 3 Flash Start Buttons for recalling stored samples.  Disc jockeys can store and instantly recall 3 separate samples of up to 7 seconds.  DJs can overlay the samples on top of a playing CD.

Also included in PRO-SCRATCH 1 CD player are Seamless Loop and Reverse Spin.  The Seamless Loop option allows DJs to repeat a track over and over again, with no breaks.  When utilizing the Reverse Spin feature, DJs can technically backpedal and produce unique, intricate sounds.

Other equally impressive sound effects of the PRO-SCRATCH 1 include Flange, Echo, Skid, Coast, Fade, a Trans Effect and Bop Effect.  These terrific sound effects allow scratching DJs to add a unique background to their performance.

"With the PRO-SCRATCH 1, DJs can overlay different effects while they're scratching," said Brown.  "They don't need an outboard effects processor, because so many effects are built right into the unit."

Another exceptional feature of the PRO-SCRATCH 1 is its price.  Suggested retail is just $999.00

"For under one thousand dollars, the Pro Scratch 1 offers DJs an exceptional value,"  says Brown.  "Not only is it the only single CD player that offers turntable-style scratching, it includes a multitude of effects and other advanced features."

Other major features of the Pro-Scratch 1 include:  Pan. FX-MIX, Slot Type CD Drive (No Drawer), 10 Seconds Anti Shock, Headphone (Output jack with Volume Control), Digital Output (RCA), Large Interactive Job Wheel, and 8, 12, 16% adjustment.

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