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Le Flame

We have set a new standard in a totally packaged simulated flame effect.  The Le Flame offers an amazingly realistic flame effect with the use of light, air flow and fabric.  Attempts at this technology in the past have produced marginal results.  The Le Flame has truly mastered all elements to produce an incredible visual effect.  The Le Flame is available as a stand alone kit to be incorporated into any scenic element or combined with the Le Flame hanging or post mounted bowl to create an extremely realistic effect.  Whether you are creating a unique peripheral lighting or introducing a safe fire effect into a scenic element, the Le Flame is your special effect solution.

Maxi Fogger

Finally a fogger that works as hard as you!  The maxi fogger is designed from the ground up for the mobile entertainer.  Huge output combined with a rugged construction, built to last, make the maxi fogger the choice of serious entertainers.  Large one gallon fluid capacity, remote controlled and thermal safety protection are just a few of the standard features on this very affordable fogger.  If you are looking for maximum performance and maximum value, you've found it with the maxi fogger.  The maxi fogger also comes with a lifetime parts warranty on the heat exchanger.  The maxi fogger also comes with a 16 foot remote with an illuminated ready switch.

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