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T2 Bazooka

New From Oracle Laser Productions, an innovation in laser technology...

The T2 is designed and targeted at the Retail Display Advertising and Discotheque markets, the unit is available off the shelf, loaded with 200 animations, sequences and special effects. The T2 system is housed within an attractive dust sealed enclosure available in a range of refreshing colours including chrome, for use in any architectural environment.

The T2 Bazooka is available in either DMX or PC controlled versions. The DMX units feature a built in computer that can also be run in stand alone mode. Stand alone mode is useful for advertising and trade show installations. The PC controlled version has no internal CPU but is controlled by an external PC. The software is supplied on a hard disc since it is a DOS based program and can not run under windows. All T2 laser systems feature a dust sealed optical chamber to keep user maintenance to a minimum.

T2-PC Series

The T2-PC houses no intelligent components and is controlled by an external PC fitted with an Oracle DAC card and running the Oracle 3D laser control software. The PC connects to the T2-PC via a D25 cable to the Oracle DAC card. The system comes preloaded with hundreds of effects and animations or you can create your own custom graphics, advertising sequences, 3D logo animations and effects. The Oracle software is brilliant for live shows and allows greater hands on operating and programming than DMX control. Oracle can supply the complete PC or you can supply the PC and install the Hard Disc and DAC card (HD + DAC). The minimum PC specification is a Pentium MMX 200MHz or equivalent. Up to 8 T2-PC units can be connected in parallel with each doing the same thing. The Oracle DAC card is a 16 bit full size ISA card and will not fit into any laptop or docking stations.

T2-DMX Series

Ideal for discotheques, this unit can be controlled by DMX 512 standard lighting control protocol and operates using 8-channels. The DMX unit also has a D9, RS232 serial port for connection to any Win98 PC or laptop running the Oracle 3D laser software. This is useful for uploading new effects or animations and also has a unique remote control feature that simulates Oracle software’s live controller. The Oracle 3D Laser Software when used via the serial link to the T2-DMX does not require the Oracle DAC card. Via the serial connection, new effects and animations can be created and then be uploaded into the T2-DMX unit via the serial port using the same software. It is also soon be possible to upload ILDA files directly.

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