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New  Lighting

Joy 300

Just in time for this once-in-a-1000-year event, American DJ has introduced the Joy 300, a DMX-compatible scanner/projector, which will revolutionize the world of intelligent club lighting with a unique "third effects wheel"for the third millennium.

The term "third wheel" is not used strictly for unwanted guests anymore, it describes something that is truly straight from the 21st century.  In addition to having separate color and gobo wheels, this intelligent scanner is equipped with third independently-rotating wheel that will add more excitement and variety to any club or DJ's personal show.

The Joy 300's third wheel provides 3 additional colors, plus a unique frost effect.  The frost gives patterns and colors an out-of-focus look, adding a mysterious ghostly hue to the atmosphere.  The third effects wheel also includes a 3x prism, which divides a large gobo into three smaller patterns, plus a 5x prism.

"The third effects wheel goes above and beyond the visual excitement provided by other intelligent scanners," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ . "It demonstrates American DJ's  commitment to creating new, innovative products to keep our club customers' light shows on the cutting edge."

Another innovation of the Joy 300 is the ability to mix colors and create outrageous color combinations.  The effect includes a Correction 32k feature for color mixing.  There are 10 colors, plus white, and 7 gobos, plus spot, to choose from.  In addition to the 7 gobos there are 6 changeable gobos, which allow DJs to add their own variety.  The Joy 300 also strobes in every color.

Still another unique feature of the Joy 300 is that, at the DMX setting 255, the color and gobo wheels become sound active.  This allows DJs to program their own chase scene, using a DMX controller, and then have that scene move to the beat of the music via sound activation.  Once the music starts to play, the lights will have a mind of their own as they gyrate to the beat.  DJs can program their own shows, using 30 self programmable steps.

The effect can also be operated as a standard intelligent fixture with any DMX controller.  It is equipped with 11DMX channels.

Other features of the Joy 300 include: dimming of 0-100%, microstepping, and a full-focusing lens.  A convenience factor of the Joy 300 is its long-lasting 3000-hour 300-watt discharge lamp, which requires less frequent changing.

FS-150SCi Followspot

Now there's a "smarter" way for theaters and clubs to cast their stage performers in center spotlight-the new intelligent FS-150SCi Followspot from Elation Professionals.  A multi-color DMX-512 followspot, the FS-150SCi comes with its own built-in controller and can also be used with any DMX controller, to create the perfect on-stage lighting for musicians, actors and other entertainers.

Designed for professional stage applications, this intensely-bright, moving followspot will follow the action wherever it goes.  Capable of covering large areas, the FS-150SCi  is ideal for handling the spot-lighting needs of auditoriums, theaters and venues of all sizes.

With a palette of 7 colors plus white, the FS-150SCi Followspot will set the right mood for any production or performance-whether sizzling-hot red, tranquil blue or exotic purple.  The FS-150SCi will also strobe in all colors, allowing stage managers to crank up the visual excitement to a pulsating frenzy at just the right cue.  The unit features an adjustable iris for precision-focusing on objects near and far away.

Extremely easy to operate, the FS-150SCi gives users fingertip control over its lighting functions.  It comes equipped with a convenient built-in controller, located on the back of the unit, which can be used to change colors, strobe and adjust the iris.  The FS-150SCi can also be operated  with an external DMX controller, allowing the unit to be integrated with a theater's other lighting equipment.  The versatile followspot also contains its own built-in programs, which will change light patterns automatically.

"With the FS-150SCi, we have brought DMX technology to the traditional followspot.  This has resulted in a new, innovative, more versatile stage lighting fixture," said Ron Ramirez, sales manager for Elation Professionals.

"Because it is so versatile, the FS-150SCi  can be used for a variety of functions-from theatrical productions and music concerts, to speaker programs, to spotlighting products at an expo or trade show."

Ruggedly constructed for heavy-duty applications, the FS-150SCi is fan-cooled, weighs 27 lbs., and comes with a long-life 6000-hr. ZB-SC150 lamp.  Suggested retail price is $1249.95.

Elation Professionals specializes in premium lighting products that offer superior performance for professional stage, club and institutional use.  The company offers a complete product line that includes special effects, intelligent lights, controllers, strobes, foggers, par cans, stage lighting and accessories. 

For more information, contact Elation Entertainment Products at: 

323-582-3322. Fax: 323-582-3108  Web:


Pocket Scan

It's a scanner. . .no, it's a laser. . .no, it's two effects in one!  The revolutionary Pocket Scan, a new intelligent light from American DJ, is as versatile as it is lightweight and compact.

Weighing just 10 lbs., this "almost-pocket-sized" effect can be operated as either a color/gobo scanner or a sharp-beam laser-or both at the same time.  A DMX-compatible fixture, the Pocket Scan can "double up" and produce dual effects, because it features simultaneous halogen and laser operation.

Whether run as a scanner or laser-or both-this little dynamo fixture will put on the big-time light show of a unit many times its size.  Loaded with on-board visual effects, the Pocket Scan is equipped with 15 colors plus white including split colors, along with 14 eye-popping gobo patterns. 

Designed to cover a lot of ground and produce sharp, vivid gobos, the Pocket Scan features a full-focusing lens and X/Y mirror movement, with 170-degree pan and 110-degree tilt.  To create its laser effects, the Pocket Scan includes a 5mw Laser Diode with X/Y mirror movement.

The Pocket Scan can be operated with a DMX controller, allowing users to create their own programs.  Or, it can be run as a sound-activated effect to the beat of the music, or in stand-alone mode to its own internal programs.

Another convenient feature is remote control. Users can change programs or black out the lighting effects from up to 100 feet.

"At just 10 lbs., the Pocket Scan is the most compact full-featured scanner that American DJ has ever made," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ.  "It is similar to our popular Mighty Scan, but has been scaled down to about one-third the weight, so it's extremely portable and great for mobile DJs or clubs where space is at a premium. 

"Plus, the Pocket Scan offers a new twist-the ability to operate as both a scanner and laser," Davies pointed out.  "This revolutionary feature allows the Pocket Scan to put on a really unique and spectacular light show.  Being 'two effects in one,' it gives users greater value for the dollar."

Another feature that users will appreciate is the Pocket Scan's digital DMX LED display.  This eliminates the need for dipswitches to set the DMX setting, making the Pocket Scan more ergonomically-friendly on the job.

Priced at just $499.95 suggested retail, the Pocket Scan will help DJs and clubs stretch their lighting budgets with its multi-effect capability.  The unit comes with a ZB-JCR 12-volt, 100-watt, 1000-hour lamp.




Nitroglycerin is a highly volatile chemical used to make dynamite, which is how the new, explosive "Nitro" effect from American DJ got its name.  A sound-activated DMX-compatible moonflower, the Nitro features gobo patterns that not only rotate, they actually pulsate and vibrate, triggering off a chain reaction of special-effects lighting excitement.

Like nitroglycerin, which explodes on contact with heat, the Nitro's gobo patterns will literally explode upon hitting the floor and give off a unique pulsating effect.  Shimmying and vibrating across the room, the pulsating gobos will fire up the electricity in any environment.  

The innovative pulsating effect is caused by the Nitro's internal ability  to "overlay" gobo patterns. This causes the gobos to fade and disintegrate on top of one another.  Operating on a similar visual principle to cartoon animation, this magical movement causes the gobos to appear almost "life-like" as they quiver and dance to the beat of the music.

To add to the visual excitement, the Nitro's gobo patterns automatically change every 5-7 seconds.  The effect comes equipped with seven gobo patterns plus spot  in vivid, multi-dichroic colors.Not only do the gobos pulsate, the Nitro's moonflower beams also rotate back and forth to the music.  As the music plays, the brilliant moonflower beams sweep across the floor and can cover a large area, turning any size club or venue into an "Electric Avenue."

"The combination of rotating and pulsating gobos make the Nitro a great effect for DJs and clubs that want to present a super high-energy light show," said Scott Davies, general manager of  American DJ. "The moonflower rays fill the room, while the pulsating gobos appear on its floors and walls, giving you the feeling of being surrounded by almost 'breathing' or life-like shapes."

Although the Nitro is packed with enough power to single-handedly produce an electrifying light show, it is linkable and can also be operated with a DMX controller.  DJs and clubs can add extra arsenal to their army of special effects by using the Nitro in conjunction with other units to create a truly combustible light show.

One thing the Nitro won't blast is a hole in the wallet. For all its visual action and excitement, it is priced at a highly affordable $279.95.

"Like all our effects, the Nitro has been designed with the working DJ and average club in mind," said Davies.  "In addition to being economical, it is an extremely easy-to-use piece of equipment."

The Nitro features a single rotating gobo/color wheel.  It includes a hanging bracket for easy installation.  Weight is  21 lbs., and dimensions are  12.25" X 13.5" X 9.75".  Lamp: ELC/24v-250w.


An intelligent, DMX-compatible effect, the Marvel is a  color/gobo projector with a specially-designed concave mirror that shoots out images over a wide area.  Five smaller mirrors are attached to the revolutionary-shaped concave unit, producing five gobos that "fan out" in a row for maximum coverage of the club floor.

Loaded with visual excitement, the Marvel contains 17 multi-color gobos, plus a large and small spot.  It can be run Master-Slave for a truly astounding light show, or operated with a DMX controller (sold separately) and programmed by the user.

This well-engineered effect features 1.8-degree stepper motors for extremely reliable performance, and comes with an ELC 24-volt, 250-watt lamp.  It weighs 17 lbs. and measures 14.25" x 6" x 6.5".  With a suggested retail price of just $499.95, the Marvel offers exceptional value for an intelligent unit with so many gobos and so much action!


Designed for high output, the RazzMatzz will jazz up any size club with a total of 64, multi-color beams of light, all sound-activated and moving to the beat of the music. The beams are created by 32 double lenses, which are configured four high in rows of eight, to project a "textured" multi-dimensional light show.

The RazzMatazz features six dichroic colors plus white and comes with two LL-64514 lamps.   A very compact unit for the amount of effects it produces, the RazzMatazz weighs 11 lbs. and measures 11.5" x 13.25" x 11.75".  Suggested retail price is $259.95.




Show Designer

American DJ's new Show Designer DMX controller represents the ultimate marriage of computer technology and user practicality.  The controller keeps getting "smarter and smarter" as technology advances, thanks to the availability of continual software upgrades, which can be downloaded directly off the internet into the Show Designer.  This downloading can easily be done from any Windows PC linked to the Show Designer's trackball connector, using a standard PC serial lamplink cable.  As a result of being able to have its software upgraded on-line, the Show Designer will never become obsolete, but will always remain at the current state-of-the-art!

Of course, today (as in the future) the Show Designer embodies the most advanced technology in DMX lighting controllers.  As its name suggests, it offers users the capability to design their own visual effects shows, orchestrating and controlling a wide variety of DMX intelligent lighting fixtures.  The versatile controller actually comes with a large library of fixture settings for many different brands of lighting equipment, built right into the unit.

Capable of handling a lighting presentation of virtually any size or scope-as well as multiple shows simultaneously-the Show Designer can control up to 512 channels, and up to 16 large fixtures (with as many as 32 channels each) or 16 groups of smaller fixtures.  It can hold up to 1024 scenes, 512 pre-sets, 256 chases and 256 shows.

"The Show Designer gives clubs and DJs the ability to pull together all the different types of intelligent lighting fixtures in their repertoire and control them all from a single master unit," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ Supply.  "Not only does this provide great convenience, it also allows users to integrate special effects from different manufacturers to create a totally unique, customized light show.  Their imagination is the only limit!"

What's more, Davies pointed out, because the Show Designer is an upgradable controller, DJs and clubs won't have to worry about its technology becoming outdated, but will be able to use it for years to come, even as they add new intelligent fixtures to their shows.  "Our goal at American DJ was to build 'The only controller you'll ever need,' and we think the Show Designer fits that description," Davies remarked.

Another of American DJs goals was to make the wizard-like controller easy for users to operate, and here too the Show Designer is right on the beam.  It offers many user-friendly features and built-in short-cuts, such as the ability to select fixtures and memories easily from 16 convenient switches.  There are also eight faders that allow direct control of channel settings for 32 channel fixtures using a bank switch.  A 32-character backlit LCD display allows for easy programming.

The operator "pilots" the Show Designer via a large, easy-to-use rotary wheel, which controls pan and tilt, chase speed, and crossfade times, and can also be used for data entry.  Pan and tilt can also be controlled by a standard PC trackball. 

"Despite its many advanced features and capabilities, we made the Show Designer easy for the average non-technically-oriented individual to operate," said Davies. "That way, the user doesn't have to focus on operational concerns, but can devote all their attention to the creative aspects of lighting.  The Show Designer is a tool that can truly elevate the use of special effects lighting to a new level of artistry."

The Show Designer recently demonstrated its artistic merit with flying colors (literally!), when it was used to control an award-winning special effects presentation put on by American DJ, which won first place at the 1998 LDI Show.  The presentation, entitled "Images of Arizona," utilized more than a dozen of American DJ's intelligent lighting and special effects fixtures to convey impressions of a day in the Arizona desert. 

"All of the effects were controlled by the Show Designer so that they were perfectly choreographed with each other and with the music," related Davies.  "The Show Designer really proved it could handle a wide range of lighting effects simultaneously, with great precision."

As big as it is in brains, the Show Designer is strictly "laptop" in size, measuring 19" x 4.75" x 5.25" and weighing only 7 lbs.  It features MIDI in, MIDI out, audio input, and a 3 pin XLR connector for DMX512 output.

For more information,  contact American DJ at: 1-800-322-6337   Fax: 

323-582-2610  Address: 4295 Charter St., Los Angeles, CA  90058.  Web:

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