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MP 2016 Rotary DJ Mixer

MP 2016 Front Panel

Optional XP 2016 Front Panel


  • Six Stereo Input Buses

  • Four Dedicated Stereo Phono/Line Pre-amps
  • Two Dedicated Mic/Line Pre-amps with:
    • Gain Trim - Two Band Tone Control
    • Engage Switch - Booth Ducking
  • Five stereo Auxiliary Inputs
  • Input Gain Controls for Level Matching
  • 40 mm Master and Mix Controls
  • Switchable Effects Loop
  • Mono Switch
  • Booth Output with Master/Cue Source Select
  • Pre-Effects Tape Output
  • Post-Effects Tape Output with Level Control
  • Accelerated-Slope, Full-Cut, 3-Band Tone Controls
  • High Power Headphone Monitor with Master/Cue Source Select
  • Optional XP 2016 with:
    • Active-Crossfader with Full Range Contour Control
    • A-POST-B Crossfader Assign switches
    • Stereo Master/Cue Meter with Peak Hold
    • Six Channels of Stereo, Accelerated-Slope, Full Cut, 3-Band Tone Controls.

General Description

Finally the wait is over! For almost a decade, professional DJs have been waiting for a quality Rotary Mixer. Well, I guess if you yell loud enough and long enough, someone will listen. Rane proudly presents the MP 2016 Rotary Mixer.

The MP 2016 is a rotary mixer featuring six input buses, Booth and House outputs, pre-effects tape output, post effects tape output with level control, switchable effects loop, and Headphone Cueing. Stereo buses 1 through 4 feature high quality RIAA phono preamplifiers which may be set for line input via rear panel switches. Stereo buses 5 and 6 each provide a balanced microphone preamplifier with input gain trim, mic/line switch, two-band EQ, microphone engage switch and internal Booth ducking enable jumper. In addition to the six dedicated preamplifiers, all six buses may select any of the five stereo auxiliary inputs.

Each input bus provides a six-position source selector, input gain control for matching levels, signal/overload indicators and a studio grade 40 mm Master Mix control.

The Booth output may select Master or Cue as its source. An ultra-low noise, high power headphone amplifier also allows monitoring the Master mix or Cue.

The Master mix circuit provides signal/overload indicators, Mono switch and high-pass rumble filters. In addition, the MP 2016 features patent pending high performance three-band, full-cut, Accelerated-Slope tone controls.

The MP 2016 provides exceptional ergonomics, good feel and a clean, intuitive layout packaged in a compact 19 inch, 3U rack mount chassis, a scant five inches deep.

So you say, "Great, but to accommodate the diverse needs of all DJ mixing styles, I need dedicated high performance three-band, full-cut, Accelerated-Slope tone controls for each of the six input buses, high-performance Active-Crossfader with full range contour control, A-Post-B crossfader assign switches and a stereo, 10 segment, peak dBu Master/Cue meter with peak hold; all without effecting the ergonomics of my classic rotary mixer."

We've got you covered! With the flip of a switch on the MP 2016 front panel, you can engage the optional XP 2016 External Processor and acquire all of the features listed above. A single cable connects the XP 2016 to the MP 2016. The XP 2016 also features excellent ergonomics packaged in a compact 19 inch, 3U rack mount chassis, five inches deep.

MP 2016 Rear Panel Audio Connections

Optional XP 2016 Rear Panel

MLM 103 Mic/Line mixer

The Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line mixer features six balanced, studio-grade microphone inputs and two balanced, stereo line-level inputs. The microphone preamplifiers feature direct outputs. These can monitor the signal 'pre' or 'post' the mix Level control via rear panel switches. Each microphone and stereo line input features three-band EQ and mix level controls. Input overload indicators are peak detecting and illuminate 4 dB before clipping. Three balanced outputs are provided. A and B outputs may be used as a stereo pair in a single zone or as two independent mono zones. The AUX output is mono. All connections are via Euroblock connectors.

Inputs 1 through 6 may be individually switched between Mic or Line level via rear panel switches. Inputs operate in Mic mode with a gain range of +15.5 dB to 60 dB. Each pair of inputs may operate with or without 15 volt phantom power via rear panel switches. When Inputs are operated in Line mode, the gain range is 0 to 12 dB. When Line mode is selected, phantom power is defeated. Each input may be assigned to the A, B or AUX output.

Stereo Line Inputs 7 through 10 accommodate +24 dBu signal levels. The gain range is infinity to +12 dB. The A/B assign switch for inputs 7/8 assigns 7 to output A and 8 to output B. The A/B assign switch for inputs 9/10 assigns 9 to output A and 10 to output B. The mono switch sends the sum of inputs 7 and 8 (or 9 and 10) to bus A and bus B. Assigning 7/8 or 9/10 to AUX sends the sum of input 7 and 8 (or 9 and 10) to the AUX output.

The A, B and AUX outputs feature independent level controls and 10 segment meters with peak hold. Each balanced output provides an additional 6 dB of gain and delivers a minimum signal level of +24 dBu into a 10k ohm load.

The MLM 103 features an internal high efficiency, universal voltage power supply


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