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The SK-2F is an updated version of the popular SK TWO. It has been fitted with a true optical crossfader designed by DJ Focus. Other modifications from the SK TWO include:

Input Meter
The SK-2F features a new bar graph LED meter, similar to those found on high end studio equipment. The dimensions of this new input meter are different from the SK TWO, therefore the SK TWO Protekt panel does not fit on the SK-2F.


The SK-2F features an all silver body with a blue anodized aluminum Protekt panel.

Headphone Mute
The SK-2F features a headphone mute function, as found on the SK-1 and SK-5. The switch is located just below the LED meter - within the acrylic display. This new feature was also designed by DJ Focus. It was placed in a central location between the cross and channel faders for on-the-fly muting of the headphones. Positioning it within the acrylic display does not get in the way of the performance.

DJ Focus
DJ Focus is a turntablist from Phoenix, Arizona. He developed the Focus Fader (CFF1) to achieve the best possible performance during scratching. The CFF1 offers the sharpest crossfader curve. The optics provide a true ON/OFF cut instead of the sharp fade found on all other battle mixers - which simulate a "cut". The advantages of the focus fader according to DJ Focus are:

1: Extra long life (no contacts or graphite material to wear out because it is a true optical fader)
2: Super sharp cutoff (nothing compares)
3: Virtually no fader resistance
4: No more static or crackly noise (no contacts to make that junk noise)
5: No bleeding... (Use for hours, days, months, and years, without bleeding)

Technical Specifications

Line inputs: 2 (RCA), 150 mV / 27K ohm - Phono inputs: 2 (RCA), 3 mV / 47K ohm - Master output: 1 (1/4Ó TRS Balanced/RCA unbalanced), 775 mV / 1K ohm - Mic input: 1 (1/4 inch), 2.45 mV / 3K ohm - Mic Tone: Hi/Mid/Lo +/-12 dB - Tone Control : + 9/-26 dB ( Hi, Mid, Low) - Headphone output: 1 (1/4 inch), 32 - 200 ohms recommended - Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 2 dB - Gain Control: 0-20dB - S/N Ratio: Less than 70dB - T.H.D: less than 0.2% - Dimensions (LxWxD): 12 3/8Ó x 10 1/4Ó x 3 4/8Ó (314 x 260 x 89 mm) - Weight: 6.6 lbs (3.2 Kg)

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