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 B-52 Speakers


The B-52 DJ-Series speakers systems are designed for traveling bands and mobile DJ's who cater to large audiences. Each DJ-Series system is designed to reproduce live sound and music replay with absolute sonic accuracy from thundering lows to crisp highs. Built for maximum SPL and sound clarity, each DJ-Series cabinet can be used as a true stand-alone system. Built-in 4" casters on all models (besides DJ-212 & CHC-1) provide easy mobility.


Each system is constructed of void-free, seven layer, 3/4" plywood for maximum rigidity and minimum weight. Reinforced internal bracings are used to fortify each enclosure. Joint-filling adhesive is applied to the internal joints of an enclosure to avoid the possibility of air leakage. Internal acoustic dampening is applied to all cabinets to minimize adverse reflections resulting in a smoother frequency response. Enclosure venting extends the low frequency response and minimizes distortion caused by excessive driver excursion.

DJ-Series Componets

Woofers: Woofers used in the DJ-Series are 100% made in the U.S.A. with high temperature, precision-wound polyamide voice coils which provide superior electro-mechanical energy conversion and maximum heat transfer.

High-Frequency: Compression drivers are used for high-output presence and clarity. The diaphragms are made from extremely rigid titanium for extended high-frequency response and smooth, accurate transients.

Crossovers: Customized crossover networks are engineered for maximum output and frequency coverage. Only high quality, low-loss components, such as low-dissipation polypropylene capacitors, high-power ceramic resistors and high-saturation level inductors are used in the B-52 crossovers.

DJ-Series Features

Connections: Steel input connection plates include (2) metal 1/4" phone jacks and a NL4MPR 4-pin Neutrik brand speakon connector.

Accessories: Each cabinet includes 4" heavy-duty casters for easy mobility, steel bar handles and is reinforced with steel corners. The DJ-212 does not include casters but has a pole-mount stand adapter.

Finish: Each cabinet is finished in rugged, impact-forgiving black carpet.



12" Two-Way

The DJ-212 is ideal for small live stage venues where a powerful cabinet is needed and limited space is a key factor. The DJ-212 offers high power handling and efficiency from an exceptionally small enclosure. The DJ-212 includes a pole-mount stand adapter.


15" Two-Way

The DJ-215 has excellent high-output and full bandwidth coverage from an enclosure of relatively modest size. The

DJ-215 includes a large horn with a 90°x40° dispersion angle, a titanium diaphragm compression driver and a B-52 15-120 woofer with a 3" high-temperature polyamide voice coil and 120oz magnet assembly.


18" Two-Way

The DJ-218 combines the B-52 18-180, cast aluminum frame with 3.5" polyamide voice woofer and a true titanium diaphragm compression driver. The DJ-218 is a large cabinet that has enormous output for those who like a system with deep, tight bass.

Dual 15" Two-Way

The DJ-1515 is the largest full-range DJ-Series system with over 800 watts continuous program power handling. The B-52 Comp-2 titanium diaphragm compression driver provides smooth highs while the dual B-52 15-120, 3" polyamide voice coil woofers deliver earth shaking bass.


Compression Horn Cabinet

Able to enhance any sound system the B-52 CHC-1 produces clean, crisp highs with a powerful projection. The CHC-1 has a frequency response of 1.6K Hz to

19K Hz with a built-in customized passive crossover designed for high power handling with a 12dB/octave slope. The 90°x40° wide dispersion angle horn has great coverage both on-axis and off-axis.

CHC-1 & DJ-118

18" Subwoofer

The DJ-118 is a perfect sound-reinforcement subwoofer cabinet that can extend the frequency response of any DJ-Series full-range model to its lowest octaves. Utilizing the B-52

18-180 woofer with a cast aluminum frame, precision- wound 3.5" polyamide voice coil and a vented magnet assembly which help dissipate generated heat, the DJ-118 can produce deep thundering bass with a usable frequency response.

CHC-1 & DJ-118


18" Three-Way

Utilizing the B-52 18-180 woofer, a 10" midrange housed in a damped and sealed subenclosure and a titanium diaphragm compression horn, the DJ-318 was designed for large venues where wide coverage, extremely high output and a powerful bass response is required. The DJ-318 produces a remarkable full-range response and sonic accuracy by combining rock solid low end, smooth mids and detailed, yet pristine highs.

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