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By Josh Hall

Well it seems now more than ever the club movement is in full swing and had pinned Boston as its latest Mecca to shine down apon. With the exposure of the club life style in all facets of public media, Boston, the once humble town is no longer turning its back on the realm of electronica. In each of the cities quarters you can now find quite a few bars or clubs pumping the once voodoo music. Even Historical faniuel hall is no longer a stranger to the infectious grooves and basslines of this Chicago born style of music. On any given night you can go to the Rack, the exchange, dockside or even the purple shamrock and be whisked away to an Ibiza in this once pub filled acre of the city.

So, whom do we have to thank for this? With Boston radio having more and more mixshows and stations like 93.7, 98.5 and 101.7 we now get the pumpin sounds of the nightlife in our cars and walkmans.

With radio taking helm the crossover Status of this music is ever growing. Which are both its pearl and its penance. The underground scene has always embraced the club music, days far back as the world famous loft in Boston  had this music keeping people moving till the sun came up. And in a city that goes to bed at 2am. The opportunity for this music to rise was dampened by this curfew. So it seemed that it would stay in the underworld. Now as we see house music on TV in commercials, as background music in some of the last few years' biggest movies we aren't able to turn our backs any longer.

As far as corporate America is concerned this is nothing more than a passing fad and they'll jump on the bandwagon to move their product. Many companies now use the "DJ" image or even the club itself to move their products without regrets or realism to the nightlife we've come to embrace.

This usually causes a movement to die or rise; there is no in between. Like the big swing movement a few years back, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Vinyl shops in Boston are on the climb so us DJ's can get our hands on the hottest tracks available. The thing is with this music is that new songs come out every single day, so staying on top of the hottest tracks is a full time job for your hard working DJs. And for the aspiring DJ it's not cheap to get things goin. For an aspiring DJ; here's what a price breakdown might look like:

    2 technics 1200 turntables  900.00
    1 pioneer mixer                1000.00 
    2 ortofon needles             240.00
    1 effect processor            500.00
    misc cords and plugs         50.00
    100 records                      500.00 (imports go from 5.99 to 12.99 each)


So, as you can see it's a hefty investment. These guys mean business. But 99 percent of your DJ's do it for the love. Contrary to popular belief they don't get paid insane amounts of money. So this music generates a lot of blood sweat and tears, every set is a ride. Venues like Avalon and axis have made it great for the locals by importing some of the worlds best DJ's. On any given night you can catch Jonathan Peters or be fortunate enough to see Bad Boy Bill or Danny Tenaglia work the venue into an absolute frenzy. Even Mtv's Dj Skiribble is a Boston favorite hittin the palace north of Boston quite often. These guys are phenomenal in there craft, they draw a huge crowd every time they come to town. But don't be fooled!! Boston has some pretty Outstanding stars you might just want to see for yourself. Most places have a Resident, or permanent DJ, who might be there on a nightly basis and have a huge following. Tim Ryan of Axis fame who spins "spin cycle", live from axis every Friday night on wfnx from 12 to 2am has quite a dedicated following and has broken into the cyber world with the site Icast ( With fellow Boston superstar and jet set DJ Brian Roche      ( ) keep the net pumpin with mixshows. Make no Mistake About it, Boston is a well respected in the music community especially for its unknown club DJs.

What will Boston do with its new found joy? Rumors continue to circulate about the city extending the hours past 2 am and allowing bars and clubs to stay open later. More and more new clubs are popping up with some of the greatest sounds ever heard. Don't take a backseat on this ride, the opportunity to witness this art is apon us, and the house nation will rise. The Pubs and bars will always cater to our need to relax and enjoy a Sam Adams with friends and family. But now that Boston is on the fast track to stardom do take advantages of these great venues, and what they have to offer. If it's the classy ambiance of  The Rack or the wildness of the Purple Shamrock, Boston has everything you want in night life, and thanks to places like we are no longer in the dark. The commoner is now on the inside.

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