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Gemini SP-1 Circle Sound 


Everyone is talking about Surround Sound. Go to the movies, the marquee boasts "Dolby Digital Sound" . . . . you never heard it so good, see it here!

Go shopping at any electronics store, and when you walk by the TV's, you can't help stopping to watch and listen to the dinosaurs moving through Jurassic Park.

Putting yourself in the middle of a sound field gives a greater realism to music and movies! It takes a jazz recording and puts you in front of your favorite artist at your favorite jazz club. It gives you the sensation of sitting 5th row center at a live rock concert, and you don't have to put up with teenage girls  screaming.

What if you could spark this type of excitement with a DJ's sound system?  Actually you can . . . . the new Gemini SP-1 Circle Surround Processor can take any stereo signal and make "surround sound" out of it.

Utilizing the SRS Labs (Santa Ana, California) 5.1 chip, the engineering team at Gemini have created a revolutionary new box for DJ's and DJ sound systems.

This one rack space wonder (see picture) is balanced in and out (XLR).  Connected after the mixer and before the power amplifers in your sound system, this "state of the art" processor will take any prerecorded information and create surround sound out of it.

Suddenly you're dancing in the center of the mix. Synths are whirling around

your head, yet the vocals are coming only from the front speakers. The sound

is truely spectacular. The other interesting thing is that the sound pressure (SPL) on the dance floor is really loud, yet when you walk to the sides of the room you can converse at normal levels.

So what do you need to get started? Well you need a second set of speakers and a second amplifier. If you want to go full hog, you can add a subwoofer.

The SP-1 gives you independent signals for front (left and right), rear (left and right) and even a crossed over subwoofer feed. The rear speakers don't have to be of the same quality as the front speakers. For mobiles jocks, powered speakers such as JBL or Mackie work great for rear channels and their balanced inputs make connections a whiz. Clubs usually require a quick repatch/rewire job since they usually have at least 4 speakers flying over the dancefloor. A built in noise generator makes set up calibration a snap.

For mobiles, the SP-1 can be switched from "surround" to "2 channel" for small jobs where 4 speakers wouldn't fit. For Clubs (Dance, Gentleman's, Disco's etc.) surround sound makes a great difference . . . the floor is hot, the perimeter is cooooool!

I have now used a SP-1 on 3 V.I.P. wedding jobs in Chicago and Gemini ain't getting it back. I'm a believer. You got to try one. As the theatre people would say . . . "You never heard it so good!"



  • 2 input, 5 output preamp/surround processor

  • SRS™ Circle Surround- 5 channel sound field generator adapted for DJ use
  • 4 modes of operation: 2 channel stereo, 2 channel four speaker stereo, two channel four speaker stereo diagonal and 4 speaker circle surround with sub woofer
  • No signal encoding necessary but unit will decode material that is encoded
  • Electronically balanced XLR inputs and outputs
  • Subwoofer output with built in bass enhancer
  • Multi-colored multi-function LED display
  • On board white-noise generator for easy calibration in CS(Circle Surround mode)
  • Individual level controls for all outputs
  • 115/220V voltage selectable 
  • 19” 1U  

Bernie Howard Fryman


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