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For the First Time, Users Can Carry Their Entire Music Collection in the Palm of Their Hand


PISCATAWAY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2000-- SSI Computer Corp. announced today the release of NEO 25, the first portable 20GB MP3 player that allows users to, not only, store and listen to over 650 CDs or 8000 songs from MP3 files or CDs in MP3 Format, but the NEO 25 also allows users to store pictures, video, e-mail, presentations, and documents to carry with them.

The Neo 25 is about as small as a walkman-type device, yet has the capacity to hold your whole music library as well as other digital files. The Neo 25 provides such features as card-sized IR remote control, backlit LCD display, user-friendly interface, built in equalizer, multi-functional play list, USB port for fast connectivity and downloading, and is compatible with both PC and MAC platforms.

``We are exceptionally proud of our new NEO 25, the outstanding digital audio and storage unit. We are convinced that it will dramatically change the listening habits of consumers. It presents consumers with an extremely high-tech portable device that illustrates a huge leap in portable mp3 technology,'' said James Buchheim, President of SSI USA.

Alternatively, SSI sells a unique NEO 25 model without a hard drive. This enables the user to use their current notebook hard drive. The NEO 25 will accept, virtually, any laptop hard drive. The Neo 25, additionally, allows for quick automobile-connectivity, similar to ordinary portable CD players. It is possible to utilize either the auxiliary audio inputs or the conventional cassette tape adapter.

In addition to the 20GB version, the NEO 25 is available in 6GB, 12GB, and no hard drive versions. Each version will include a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, IR remote Control, Carrying Bag, Stereo Headphones, USB cable and AC/DC adapter. MSRP; 6GB- $499.00, 12GB- $579.00, 20GB- $699.00, NO HARD DRIVE- $399.00. For more information please visit or contact: Christine Fullerton, Media Perspectives, 408/842-7269


The Neo 25 is a portable based MP3 player. It uses an internal laptop drive to store music and has an internal MP3 decoder board. Its interface operates much like the Neo 35. With this player you no longer have to worry about bringing your CD catalog along on a trip or worry about scratched CD's. With the simple USB interface, you can upload your songs quickly and be on your way. When connected to your computer, the Neo 25 shows up just like a normal hard-drive on your computer as you just copy the songs right into the unit. Your road trips will never be the same once you've used a portable MP3 player with thousands of songs at your fingertips. You can also use Neo 25 as an external drive, copy files, take them elsewhere, presentations, videos, documents, emails, and just connect it to any USB port of any Computer.


· Uses laptop drive (purchase with our without)

· Runs off of included Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (2 hours of use)

· AC adapter for charging battery or use with out battery

· PC and macintosh see unit as another hard-drive when hooked up via USB

· Supports MP2 and MP3 at 8-320 Kbps (including VBR)

· Accepts playlists (M3U files)

· Easily upgradable via downloadable firmware

· Digital anti-shock mechanism (music played from digital buffer)

· Reads FAT16 or FAT32 formats

· Built-in equalizer

· IR card-sized remote control

· Four line LCD displays track/directory information, volume, and play mode

· Includes various play modes, including randomization

· Works also as a portable USB hard-drive!

· One full year warranty 


· Neo 25 unit

· Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

· IR remote control

· Carrying bag and manual

· Stereo headphones

· USB cable

· AC/DC adapter

· 6GB ,12GB and 20GB laptop hard-drives (optional)

How to navigate between songs
Organization is the real key. have all of your music organized in folders for every artist, then by subject, like Pop, Classic, disco, 60's etc.  Navigating is simple: when in navigation mode you move the controller right to go deeper into directories (or left to go up) then scroll up and down to see the songs in the directory.

Where to use NEO 25?
You can use Neo25 as a personal player . You can also use it the Car by connecting it to your Car's stereo through an auxillary input ,"line in"(such as through RCA inputs) or via a cassette adapter. It would be like connecting a Discman. Use it in the same way to connect to your home Stereo, PA, Amplifier etc.

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