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Phillips Expanium MP3-CD Portable

Making an MP3-CD is a simple, three-step process:
Rip it! Burn it! Spin it!

Rip it!...

Play your current CD collection (of non-compressed music) through the CD-Rom or CD-Writer in your computer. Readily available software compresses the songs into MP3 format and stores them on your hard drive. You can also download legal MP3 music from the internet to your hard drive and add it to your playlist.

Burn it!...

Pop a recordable or rewritable CD in your CD-Writer. Use your mouse to click-and-drag the files you want to the disk. It takes just 20 minutes to burn your own MP3-CD containing solid 10 HOURS of music!

Spin it!...

Place your MP3-CD in your eXpanium and press play its that easy!

Philips is to introduce the first examples of a new range of audio products which combine the Compact Disc - now the worlds most popular music carrier - with MP3 compressed digital audio technology.

In the coming months, Philips will roll out its eXpanium CD portable, and the FW-M55 mini system. In addition to reading standard audio CDs, both products are capable of reading CDs encoded with MP3 files, improving the storage capacity and versatility of CD technology.

Because compressed digital audio files, like MP3, occupy considerably less storage space than conventional digital audio files, consumers can create CDs containing up to 10 hours of compressed audio on them to play on the eXpanium and M55.

"The future never stands still, and neither does Philips," says Mike Mastroyiannis, Senior Vice President, Philips Consumer Electronics, Mainstream Audio. "We are introducing eXpanium and the M55 as the first in a family of MP3-CD players to offer even greater versatility, personalisation and convenience.

"People want more control over what they listen to, where, when and how. Weve responded by creating two solutions for playing the full range of audio CDs containing either non-compressed or MP3 music formats. People can select their own 10 hours of music and play it anywhere they choose with eXpanium, or at home with the M55 mini system."


  • Plays CD's containing MP3 tracks and regular Audio CD's

  • Capable of playing over 10 hours of music per MP3-CD
  • One MP3-CD can contain over 10 hours of music or more than 150 tracks (maximum 999)
  • Shock proof. Automatically stores from 45 up to over 100 seconds of music (at 128Kbps, 200 seconds at 64 kpbs) to prevent music interruptions caused by shocks.
  • CD-Rewritable compatible including multi-session support
  • Ensures that both CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable disks, made by any CD-Recorder, can be played.
  • Playback of MP3 (32-320 Kbps) and VBR
  • Supports 32 upto 320 Kbps per MP3 track and variable bitrate per MP3 track.
  • 10-hour playback with two AA Alkaline batteries (MP3-CD)
  • Powersaving technology extends battery playing time to 10 hours with two regular LR6-size (AA) alkaline batteries.
  • All CD program modes
  • Lets you enjoy various CD program modes (shuffle / repeat track / repeat all / introscan). Introscan plays 8 seconds of each track automatically to quickly scan a CD.


Headphone, 3-key remote and AC/DC adapter included

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