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DARTECH Releases New CD-Recorder software


DARTECH sweetens its popular DART CD-Recorder software, enhancements simplify recording custom Audio CD from MP3.

Version 4 of DART CD-Recorder is essential software for the 40 million MP3 users who are expected to drive sales of 9 million CD recorders in the coming year.

Minneapolis, August 25, 2000: DARTECH, Inc. announces availability of DART CD-Recorder 4.0 adding important, easy to use, features for Internet connected music enthusiasts who burn their own custom music and audio CDs. New Version 4.0 features enable one-click batch conversion of MP3 files to high quality Audio CD standards.  Version 4 also adds professional audio tools - DeClick™, DeHiss™ and other DART proven Digital Audio Restoration Technology (DART) software tools.  CD-Recorder 4 is available immediately at Download a fully functional 30-day version for free. Download the full program or order it on a CD-ROM for $49.95.

"All around, it's a sweeter program." punned DARTECH Product Visionary, David Sadler, referring to the professional audio term for fixing and enhancing music tracks: "sweetening."

The list of features in DART CD-Recorder 4.0 geared toward the user who wants to make custom Audio CD is extensive. The graphical look of the user's controls makes it easier to:

  • Find music files - through a file directory explorer;

  • Identify the Title and Artist of Audio CD's - with CDDB's Disc Recognition Services(SM)

  • Separate music tracks from album and cassette recordings - with DART's UnPack tool;

  • Convert computer music files to quality Audio CD standards - with one-click batch processing;

  • Modify tracks - through DART's Producer control panel with 9 band equalizer, fades and volume normalizer;

  • Preview recordings - with digital VU level metering;

  • Build play lists - with drag-and-drop ease; and

  • Create precision label for the CD or Jewel Case - with SureThing™ Lite

CD Labeler®

DART's CD-Recorder is already a popular program with music restoration enthusiasts and custom CD makers. DARTECH sells and downloads some 1000 units from their Web Site daily. More are sold through a variety of channels including private label software publishers such as MacMillan Publishing USA; distributors such as Tracer and Thinkware; Internet Re-seller Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.; and CD solutions provider Microboards Technology. DART built its popularity providing high quality audio software.

Music lovers of all generations rely on DART's more advanced software, DART PRO 98 and DART PRO 32 to rescue their beloved tunes with their home computer.  CD-Recorder 4.0 offers some of the same audio restoration tools as DART's advanced products, making it a perfect entry level tool to save and restore music from favorite 78s, 33s, 45s, tapes and cassettes. All DART products feature extensive online help with tutorials to make audio sweetening easy.  DART CD Recorder 4.0 works with an extensive list of MS Windows based CD-R and CD-RW (Compact Disc Recorder) devices for PCs (for writing music CD).  SCSI, EIDE and USB devices are supported.

System requirements for DART CD-Recorder 4.0 include a PC with a CPU at 233 MHz or better, Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, NT 4.0, or 2000, 16 MB of RAM and 1.2 GB of hard disk storage and a 16 bit Windows® compatible sound card (for analog recording & MIDI rendering)

CD-Recorder is the entry-level tool of the DART line with a direct sales price of $49.95. Upgrade is available for $24.95 from the manufacturer (DARTECH) at for current CD-Recorder owners.  The market for DART CD-Recorder 4.0 includes the 40 million music enthusiasts reported to use MP3 files available from the Internet (variously reported at 20 million to 70 million during the controversy between Napster and the RIAA). Industry reports predicted 9 million buyers for CD recording devices for 2000. This included CD-R and CD-RW sold individually and bundled or integrated into other systems.  In the coming weeks, DARTECH plans to announce new additions to its music/audio software line-up. Look for DART Karaoke Studio - make custom karaoke tracks from your favorite recording on your computer. Remove the lead vocal, synchronize lyrics, sing along or record your voice with the karaoke music track.


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