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They Call Him Mr. Interactive

Todd Mitchem has been performing for over 15 years as a Disc Jockey, MC, actor, comedian, television host and voice-over talent.  In 1999 alone Todd performed as the warm-up interactive DJ show for The Beach Boys, 38 Special, N' Sync, Britney Spears, Journey, The Pointer Sisters, and Brooks and Dunn.  In addition Todd has been the DJ/MC for over 1500 events and private functions including weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, and parties of all types.

During college Todd built a highly successful Karaoke/DJ company from the ground up.  After college Todd moved to St. Louis and became the entertainment director of a Karaoke Nightclub called the Dirtwater Fox. Todd quickly turned the failing club into a highly successful concept within one year.  It had lots of DJs/MCs and interaction.

Chicago was the next city on Todd's list and he had now opened a new DJ business. He also became the lead performer at the city's largest nightclub the Excalibur. After 3 months Todd was promoted to Entertainment Director of the club! Quickly, Todd created a new style of performing which he was calling "Comedy You Can Dance To". This innovative concept combined comedy, dance music, major theater style performances, and much more of the audience.  By the time he sold his DJ business and left Chicago Todd was already looking to the next challenge in interactive entertainment. He settled in Orlando, Florida and sold his entertainment expertise to Universal Studios! Todd served as a consultant for Universal. He created their new and exciting show format that is used at every major event as well as on a daily basis at the new Universal Studios CityWalk Orlando. He also trained all of their interactive performers and taught them the right way to entertain any audience.

Now based in L.A., Todd travels around the country conducting interactive performance based seminars.  He also contracts himself out as a talent and consultant.

"My seminars are actually a combination of a workshop and a seminar.  I teach interactive performers of all styles to:

  • create better more commanding presence on the mic and in the event

  • identify the "tools " at any event 
  • reveal hidden abilities 
  • explore new dynamic entertainment techniques
  • better control and entertain any age audience
  • better motivate any size audience from 10 to 30,000!!
  • create their own original and exciting interactive routines
  • identify and utilize the "environment" at any event
  • receive better audience response

"This seminar will forever change the way you look at any event.  You will walk away better performers and ready to turn that performance into higher profits."

Todd has plans to travel to many cities this year and even more next year.  Why so many cities you ask?  Mainly because Todd's seminars only have a max of 25 people per day.

"I like to be interactive and apply what we learn throughout the day.  The good thing about this is that I can come into smaller markets and attendees save travel money.  I will travel to ANY market where I can get at least 25 attendees.  Wherever that may be."

"My seminars are filled with many new exciting exercises, and lots of personal attention.  DJs and MCs walk away better performers, and ready to turn that performance into increased profits." 

"In addition, I spend a great deal of time teaching people just what makes an audience respond the way it does.  My approach is very friendly and uplifting.  I try to inspire people to want to take risks and better their skills."

This Seminar is an intense study of performance. Todd uses instruction and interactive exercises to teach interactive performers how to be better and more effective.  

"I believe that entertaining any audience is an art. One of my attendees put it best "Todd taught us how to fish instead of giving us a fish."

Todd has a website dedicated to his seminar.  It is located at




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