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  Yorkville Revamps Elite Speaker Cabinet Line

The new redesigned Elite line is making its debut at summer NAMM. The four newest boxes in the line are a departure from previous elite speakers with the advent of Neodymium low frequency speakers, a new midrange driver arrangement, and whole new reflex cabinet design.

The first thing you will notice with these new cabinets is they are now true three way boxes. The low frequency driver has been canted inward to realize 2-3 dB greater efficiency, by mutually loading vent and woofer cone. The new midrange drivers have a far more even dispersion angle, providing more presence in the vocal range, eliminating "lobbing" for off axis listeners, due to a directional baffle.

As an added bonus the Neodymium speaker and basket weigh as much as 60% less than an equivalent power ceramic magnet speaker. In the case of the L368 cabinet, the complete single 12" neodymium speaker weighs less than 4 lbs. An equivalent traditional speaker of the same size and expected performance would have to carry a 60-oz magnet, and the reinforced basket to support it, over 12 lbs. During extended high SPL performance the unique heat dissipation system incorporated into the new neodymium driver means very little heat induced impedance shift. This makes sure all of the new Elite boxes have less power compression.

This cabinet is louder throughout the entire frequency range than any of its predecessors, and its competitors, with a measured a 4dB increase below 100Hz, and over a 5dB increase between 1and 8 kHz, the middle of the vocal range.

All of Yorkville's Elite cabinets come with Yorkville's standard two year transferable warranty and is distributed, exclusively in North America, by Yorkville Sound.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.yorkville.com/.

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