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Phat Pak Offers DJs a Higher End DJ Kit

Numark Industries is announcing the introduction of their third all-inclusive DJ kit, the Phat Pak. The Phat Pak joins a line of very successful Numark DJ packages that include the DJ in a Box and the Battle Pak. Numark was the first manufacturer to introduce a DJ kit in 1997 with its first series of the DJ in a Box. Since then, Numark has consistently responded to the needs and request of DJs who desire varying levels of products and accessories within these DJ kits. With the introduction of the Phat Pak, Numark now has a line of DJ kits that offer many possible choices for all kinds of DJs, from beginner to professional.

The Phat Pak contains two TT-100 turntables designed to accommodate the special needs of professional DJs who require such features as +/-10% adjustment and an adjustable S-shaped tone arm. The mixer in the Phat Pak is a DM1001EX, which features a chrome faceplate for a highly professional look. The Phat Pak also features a set of M-1 self-powered speakers and a WM-100 microphone.

Here is a complete list of the products and features found in Numark’s new Phat Pak:

  • (2) TT-100 Turntables:

  • Direct drive operation
  • +/-10% or 20% pitch controlNumark Industries is announcing (Page 2)
  • 33, 45, 78 RPM with forward & reverse direction
  • Strobe illuminator
  • Anti-skate correction system
  • S-shaped tone arm with counter balance system
  • Aluminum platter
  • Removable headshell with mounted cartridge included
  • Two anti-static slipmats
  • Adjustable feet
  • DM1001EX Mixer:
  • Quick cut crossfader with hamster switch and slope adjustment
  • 4 phono, 2 line, 1 mic input
  • Gain, treble, middle, and bass control on every channel
  • Sweeping –30dB cuts
  • All Alps TM smooth faders
  • Transform buttons
  • M-1 Speakers:
  • 2 self-powered monitor speakers
  • Built in amplifier
  • Controls for volume, bass, and treble
  • 220 watts P.M.P.O.
  • WM-100 Microphone:
  • Uni-directional pick-up
  • Anti-roll design
  • On/off switch
  • 3 meter cable with ¼” plug

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