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First Rack Mixer with KAOSS Pad

Numark and Korg Combine Technology and Innovation to Create a Unique DJ Product.

Numark Industries introduces the EM360 rack mixer, stereo preamplifier. It is the first DJ mixer with a completely interactive, real-time effects processor. This one of a kind DJ product boasts all of the qualities that you have come to expect from a Numark mixer plus, it features a built in Korg KAOSS Pad. This piece of equipment literally puts effects processing at the DJs fingertips.
John E. ODonnell, president of Numark says, The audio quality and ruggedness of our Numark mixer, combined with the high technology of the Kaoss Pad, will set a new standard in the industry.
DJ / Producer, John Hohman of Metromix, who most recently worked on VH-1s, Divas 2000 concert, states that, The EM360 is a very hip idea. Numark is always on the cutting edge. They are consistently providing innovative and useful tools for DJs, re-mixers, and producers.
The EM360 is easily suited for mobile or installation use. Special features found on this product are six line inputs, balanced outputs, and fader start. The fader start feature is designed to work with Numarks CDN-34S, CDN-32S, as well as Numarks other popular CD players.

The KAOSS Pad effects processing unit lets the DJ control his/her choice of up to sixty effects programs in real-time. The effects unit allows for sampling functions, parameter controls, and MIDI compatibility. Following is a complete list of the features included on the EM360:

  • Six line, three phono, one mic input

  • Front panel NeutrikTM mic input with:
  • Bass and treble control
  • Talk-over control
  • Master includes:
  • Balanced outputs
  • 3-band EQ and Pan control
  • Completely assignable and replaceable cross-fader
  • Fader start
  • Zone outputs
  • Split/blend headphone cueing
  • Real-time effects processing
  • X-Y pad
  • Separate parameter controls
  • Sixty effects programs
  • Hold switch to lock in settings
  • Sampler (5 seconds at 48 kHz)
  • MIDI compatibility
  • 100% digital processing

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