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  Korg Introduces the Triton-Rack Module/Sampler

July 22, 2000

Korg introduces the new TRITON-Rack Expandable Module/Sampler. It features the same high quality sound, effects and sampling functionality of the TRITON Workstation/Samplers plus new enhancements, packed into a convenient 2-space rack module. New features include an increased number of program and combination locations along with significantly more expansion and digital I/O possibilities.

The TRITON-Rack offers room for up to 2,057 programs and 1,664 combinations of up to eight timbres each. These HI synthesis system sounds include 256 GM programs and 9 GM drum programs for GM level 2 compatibility. Users can browse the vast array of sounds via an Audition Riff function that can playback 382 different riffs tailored to various types of sounds. The same powerful dual-polyphonic arpeggiator function used in the TRITON keyboard is also included, complete with 328 patterns.

The TRITON-Rack’s design provides numerous expansion possibilities. It can accommodate up to eight PCM expansion boards, each with their own dedicated bank for programs and combinations. This delivers a possible 160 Mbytes of PCM wave memory when fully expanded. In addition, up to 96MB of sample memory may be added via three SIMM slots. The TRITON-Rack also supports the SCSI and MOSSoptions that are currently available for the TRITON keyboards. New features for supporting digital connectivity include S/PDIF I/O standard, an optional 6-channel ADAT optical output (EXB-DI), and future support for the m-LAN audio/MIDI standard (using "Firewire" cabling for up to 100 audio/256 MIDI channels across a single cable).

The TRITON-Rack features the same powerful 48 kHz 16-bit linear mono/stereo sampler section as the TRITON keyboards, plus the ability to export samples as .WAV and AIFF files for editing samples on computer systems or use on other products, such as Korg’s ELECTRIBEoS.

In Multi mode the TRITON-Rack functions as a 16-part multi-timbral tone generator for playing back tracks from an external sequencer. Program and transposition settings along with five insert and two master effects can be assigned, edited and stored as a "multi" in one of 200 memory locations. These "multis" may also include pattern, RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) and arpeggiator settings. The user has the ability to use the 150 preset patterns or record their own into the 100 user pattern locations. Corresponding patterns can automatically be created with the sampler’s Time Slice function, which allows time-sliced rhythm loop samples of different tempos to be brought in sync without changing their pitch. An external MIDI keyboard may also be used to play these patterns and control their tempo in real-time.

The TRITON-Rack has a playback-only sequencer for playing sequences that were originally recorded on a TRITON keyboard (allowing the user to perform their entire backing "show" from the Rack).

A host of user-installable hardware expansion boards for the TRITON-Rack include:

  • EXB-MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System) DSP Synthesizer Board

  • EXB-DI Digital Interface Board
  • EXB-SCSI SCSI Interface Board

In addition to hardware expansion board and SIMM upgrade options, several different PCM expansion boards, each containing 16 Mb of new PCM sounds, are also available. These come with a 3.5" floppy disk containing sound programs, combinations, arpeggios and phrases. Current PCM cards include classic piano/keyboard, brass/wind, string, and dance/techno sounds, plus a new set of analog synth sounds.

The Korg TRITON-Rack is available in October 2000 for a suggested list price of $2,500.00.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.korg.com/.

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