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  Gemini XPB1600 Power Amplifier (1600 Watts)


The Gemini XPB1600 Power Amplifier provides 1600 Watts of music power. Features include oversized toroidal transformer, filter and heatsinks for better low end, transparency and stability.


1600 W RMS mono bridge 4 Ohm
1000 W RMS mono bridge 8 Ohm
800 W RMS per channel 2 Ohm
500 W RMS per channel 4 Ohm
300 W RMS per channel 8 Ohm

Five-way binding posts on 110V version
Speakon™ connectors on 230V version

State of the art bipolar technology provides exceptional reliability when working with difficult speakers loads down to 2 ohms

Excellent handling of low frequencies as well as clear mids and flawless highs

High output power to drive professional loudspeakers without clipping

Oversized toroidal transformer, filter and heatsinks for better low end, transparency and stability

Comprehensive protection circuitry (short, overheat, DC, subsonic and RF filters, turn-on delay) with high current speaker protection relays

Three modes of operation - stereo, parallel mono and mono bridge with mode status indication LEDs on front panel

Flexible input configuration with active balanced inputs; additional input connectors to chain amps

True clip LEDs for better control

Front-to-Rear airflow with 2 speed dual fan control

Efficient dual aluminum extrusion heatsink design for thermal stability and reliability

Turn-on in-rush current limiting circuitry

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