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Reinforcement Products: the CT Series

Crest Audio announces the introduction of its CT Series loudspeakers, a full range of sound reinforcement speakers able to produce extremely high SPLs, with a wide dynamic range to meet the needs of today’s touring and fixed installation professionals. The CT Series offers a variety of loudspeaker solutions for clubs and fixed installations, as well as regional touring rigs and DJ applications.

Designed to provide professional sound quality, extended frequency response, and extensive power-handling capabilities, the CT Series is comprised of six models: four trapezoidal-shaped enclosures, the CT1, CT2, CT3, and CT4 subwoofer, and two floor monitors, the CT1m and CT3m.

The trapezoidal cabinets allow arrays to be constructed more easily, while greatly reducing the build-up of internal standing waves, to ensure a minimum of mid-bass and mid-range coloration. The CT1 is a two-way speaker system featuring a 1 x 15" woofer and 2" titanium compression driver, with a frequency response of 48Hz-20kHz and crossover frequency at 1600Hz. The CT2 is a three way speaker with a 1 x 15" woofer, 1 x 15" woofer/mid-range, and 2" titanium compression driver. Both woofers combine below 300Hz, while only one produces signal above 300Hz. The CT2 has a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz and a crossover frequency of 300Hz low-mid/1700Hz mid-high. Also a three-way speaker, the CT3 has a 1 x 15" woofer, 1 x 8" mid-range driver, and 2" titanium compression driver, with a frequency response of 53Hz-20kHz and crossover frequencies of 500Hz low-mid/3700Hz mid-high. The CT4 subwoofer contains two 18" woofers, with a frequency response of 45Hz-1500Hz.

Two floor monitors round out the CT Series loudspeakers: The CT1m employs a 1 x 12" woofer, 1" titanium compression driver and has a frequency response of 58Hz-18kHz. Crossover frequency is 2000Hz. The CT3m features 2 x 12" woofers, a 2" titanium compression driver, and has a frequency response of 53Hz-18kHz, with a crossover frequency at 2000Hz. Utilizing B&C OEM transducers, CT Series speakers are equipped with 600 watt continuous-rated woofers along with 140 watt continuous-rated compression drivers. These are further enhanced by internal crossover circuitry, which includes an innovative mid-range contour switch (with HIGH and NORMAL settings) allowing the user to choose between flat or slightly-attenuated mid-range frequencies to easily adapt to a wide variety of sound reinforcement situations.

CT Series speakers may be driven in full-range or bi-amp mode by simply plugging into the desired jack on the input plate. Crest Audio’s protection circuit for mid and high frequency drivers, a newly-designed feature that subtly decreases signal level to the drivers and provides extra protection against damage from longterm overpowering, is provided for both full-range and bi-amp modes. In addition, connections via a heavy-gauge aluminum input plate include Speakon™ input and thru jacks, as well as an exclusive four-pole switching Speakon connector for bi-amp operation.

Crest’s CT Series cabinets are constructed of high-quality 3/4" seven-ply hardwood for rigidity and warp-resistance. Recessed steel handles with comfortable round hand grips provide increased mobility, while a heavy-gauge metal grill with black powder-coat finish gives an added degree of protection.

The CT Series loudspeakers are available in August, 2000 and are competitively priced.

For more information on the full range of Crest products, contact:
Crest Audio,
100 Eisenhower Drive
Paramus, NJ 07652
Tel: 201/909 8700
Fax: 201/909 8744
Web: http://www.crestaudio.com/


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