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  Pyro MP3, CD Creation Software

Cakewalk, the leading provider of music and sound software for Windows, is now shipping Cakewalk Pyro, the complete solution for creating MP3s and CDs. Pyro provides a seamless environment for organizing and playing digital music both on and off the PC. Designed to simplify and streamline the process of digital music playback and management, Pyro is the ideal software for today's music enthusiasts wanting to take advantage of the digital music revolution.

"Music lovers really appreciate Pyro, because it's so much more than just a PC jukebox. Pyro offers a complete, end-to-end solution that takes all of the complexity out of managing and enjoying digital music," explained Erik Tarkiainen, vice president of product management for Cakewalk.

"Not only does Pyro manage MP3 and CD creation, it provides a way for users to 'rip and burn' vinyl and tape, an essential feature for serious music listeners who need to digitally preserve and archive their collections," continued Tarkiainen. "And with Cakewalk ESP (Environmental Sound Processing) technology, Pyro optimizes digital music playback characteristics according to where the user chooses to listen to their music- whether it's on a portable MP3 player, a home stereo or on a PC. Just point and click to experience the best sound."

Pyro is the only product of its kind to include ESP technology for optimizing audio playback quality for the user-selected listening environment.


· Burn professional-quality CDs of favorite songs;

· Quickly turn CDs into MP3, WAV, or Windows Media formats;

· Convert LPs and cassettes into CDs or digital files;

· Export MP3 files to NOMAD, RIO and other portable players;

· Rip individual songs or entire albums;

· Optimize audio quality for playback in the living room, portable MP3 player, or PC desktop using Pyro's ESP (Environmental Sound Processing) technology;

· Create and listen to playlists of favorite music with Pyro's digital jukebox; supports multiple file and playlist formats;

· Quickly sort and organize digital music files by artist, song title, song length, or file size;

· CD playback integrates with CDDB Internet music database for instant access to song titles and artist information for most music CDs;

· Supports DirectX audio plug-ins for enhancing music with hundreds of additional real-time effects;

· Includes online FastForward tutorials that guide users through CD ripping and burning, MP3 encoding, and every other Pyro feature; also provides dynamic web links to Cakewalk Pyro information and support areas.

Beyond the included ESP technology, Pyro users can apply additional, third-party DirectX audio plug-ins to customize their music listening experience with hundreds of available real-time effects. With support for additional DirectX audio plug-ins, Pyro allows users to try their hands at remixing and customizing their favorite music.

For a finishing touch, Pyro also includes a free CD Graphics Kit for designing and printing CD and jewel case artwork. So users who are burning either original or "best-of" compilation mixes can personalize their CDs with custom artwork. To get users up and burning, Pyro also includes a free blank Verbatim CD-R disc.


Pyro has a suggested retail price of $57.00 U.S., and is now shipping.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.cakewalk.com/.

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