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 Jimmi Jae


After reviewing many different crank stands and packages I came across this gem.  After being told by one American DJ dealer that their crank stands had been discontinued, another offered me this solution.  The dealer quoted me $425+ shipping.  The system includes 2-1000lb 10' crank-up stands, 2 5' I-Trussing and all the miscellaneous hardware.  Impressive I thought.  So I grabbed my VISA and ordered I did. 

Upon receiving and unpacking the system, I was eager to set it up.  The first thing I noticed are, the crank stands seemed very well built and sturdy. Next, to my surprise, I found the crank poles are not the same size as my old LTS poles. Next, I found that that the I-truss ends were tightened via allen screws (Allen wrench provided).  This makes it very cumbersome to lift the truss on and off the stands.  I changed them utilizing my old finger bolts from the LST-30T Truss system. Next, were the smaller poles that slide inside the I-beams to hold them together.  They are smaller and allow play, thus allowing the truss to sag in the center.  So, here again I utilized my LST-30T Truss system, using the poles from it for a nice tight connection.

It's all together sitting there, just waiting for lights.  As I start to hang fixtures and run wires I encounter another problem, two of the weld joints on the cross members have busted loose.  When I finished hanging lights I raised it, a full 10'.  The combined weight of my 12 lights is around 225lbs. (Not including cables).  I raised and lowered it several times to be sure the crank stands were good and sturdy. 

Upon tearing down and loading into my trailer, I have just this to say.  American DJ made a good effort.  However, I feel this product needs some more thought put into it. 

A few of the weak spots are:

  1. LTS-30 & 50 are not interchangeable with this system.

  2. There is no "T" bar option as with the LTS-30T
  3. Allen screws on the I-Truss Ends.
  4. There are no holders for the locking pins.
  5. The quality of the I-Truss seems to sub-standard.
  6. The crank stands stand nearly 6' tall making them tough to haul.

The good points are:

  1. The cranks, while heavy, seem sturdy and durable.

  2. The cranks raise and lower very smoothly. 
  3. The whole system is black in color.
  4. The Price.

Sound Connection Entertainment
Johnstown, PA


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