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  Club Deja Vu, Atlantic City

Mike Fernino- Staff Writer

Atlantic City is known for the boardwalk, and the casinos, but deep within its core is the rock of the city! I say rock because this little club can ROCK!

Deja Vu, the hot night spot for the DJ Times Expo party crowd was again host to the after-hours decadence this year! The club, while not the largest, and not the most glamorous, is a club experience to the 10th power. Did someone say power? I still have the ringing in my ears!

The sound and light system was totally redone this year by resident DJ, and technical master DJ Gary Q. It was impressive to be very delicate! All new EAW speakers, and a new rack of Crown amps made the sound more thunderous than ever! This is not just loud, this is raw power the way it is supposed to be! I know for some, this is too much. I noticed some, weak at heart, walking out of the club, holding their heart, but for the club connoisseur, this is the place to be!  Lighting was just incredible, and I must say, for the room Gary had to work with, he pulled off a minor miracle. The intelligent light show here, may be the best I have seen, in a club this size! My jaw had to be removed from the floor when the truss system lowered all the way down to only 10 feet off the floor! In this truss were more intellabeams than I'd ever seen in one place before! This is great stuff, and very well thought out. My compliments to Gary Q., and the staff at Deja Vu.

Nightlife kicked off with an opening night 80s retro party. I know many of the DJs could not believe the music they heard when they walked in. You expect to hear cutting edge House music in Deja Vu, but for one night, at least, this was a change from the norm.

Tuesday night erupted with the "Strictly Rhythm" party, lead off with DJ Davey Gold. 

Johnny Vicious came on later that night with a fierce set, on the very edge!  I wish I could tell you what happened the other 2 evenings, but I was unable to attend. Now I could leave you thinking about what I was doing, but the cold truth of the matter is that I had to get to bed early. I know, "What a wimp!" I did hear that Wednesday night, with all the torrential rain that fell, club patrons got a complimentary row boat to get to and from the board walk. You have the feeling that if the world were ending outside, and fire fell from the sky, Deja Vu would just keep on partying!  Well, if you have not been to Deja Vu, and you attend a DJ Times Expo in the future, don't miss this place. You haven't lived, until you experience Deja Vu!


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