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 A DJ's Guide To Latin Music

DJs Jose Miguel and Chuck Fresh demystify the Latin music scene. This book explores the major types of Latin dance music gaining popularity in the U.S. today. Learn all you need to know about this growing music segment, and learn which songs and which artists you'll need to get your music collection up to snuff. This book also describes how all these different types of music have unique origins. European styles mixed with African styles to form unique new sounds. For example, mambos came from Cuba. Salsa came from mambos, but Salsa was born in New York City. Meringue originated in the Dominican Republic sometime in the 1800s, and went through quite a few incarnations before becoming what it is now. Our book explains how all these different types of Latin music generally tend to appeal to the descendants of the countries that spawned these segments of Latin music. We even give you a list of music to start your super Latin music collection!

I'm a DJ who has been getting so many requests for latin music but I couldn't take the parties because I did not understand. This book has helped me understand much more. Especialy the song lists were very helpful.

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