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Move Over Austin Powers, 
This New Web Site Is A Beehive Of Hip, 60s Fun

For three decades, Philadelphia native Ron Cutler has been kicking around the radio business, first as a 60s disc jockey and then as a highly successful, Los Angeles-based radio syndicator responsible for piloting a number of shows, like Rick Dees Top 40, to the top of the national radio ratings heap.

Now, after selling his company and in tribute to his late 22 year-old sons long standing interest in his dads former life as a pioneering Philadelphia disc jockey, Cutler has gone back to his roots, launching the webs first internet-only oldies radio station,

Since hitting cyberspace, the site, without benefit of any promotion to date, is averaging a whopping one million hits a month (60,000 unique users, which is significant, ratings-wise), a rapid ascent from the few thousand who tuned in monthly for the early cybercasts.

Before my sons death, I was riding high in the syndication business, basically denying my former life as a popular sixties dj in Philly, my hometown, says Cutler, from his recently constructed, state of the art radio studio, attached to his home in Calabasas, Calif.

Its here that Cutler puts on a new show every day for his Internet audience, a crowd that encompasses not only multiple generations but also listeners from dozens of other countries, a far cry from the limited geography of Philadelphia in the sixties.

Cutlers first chance to step back in time came in 1996 when WOGL, Philadelphia, invited him, along with 30 former air personalities from the 60s and 70s, to return for an oldies weekend.

Despite the gentle jibes of one fellow dj, who said, Ron, youve got seven listeners left and theyre all dead, the show turned out to be a big hit. Hundreds of people flocked to the station, while the show was in progress, for a spontaneous reunion.

The response to that show was so overwhelmingly, so life changing, says an emotionally-charged Cutler, that I decided to consider ways in which I might continue the momentum.

After a short time on the web and with no promotion, weve gone from zero hits to over a million a month.

Equally exciting is the fact that each visitor averages a forty-five minute stay, which, from what Ive heard, is an amazing amount of time on the Internet. has now turned into a full time enterprise for Cutler whose planned retirement from radio has now been put on hold. Instead, his career has come full circle. Tight pants on men and beehive hairdos and poodle skirts for the girls may be gone, but Ron Diamond, his era and music are back with a vengeance.

The range of offerings spans the 50s, 60s and 70s and highlights play lists featuring the Supremes, Doo Wop, Legends of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Psychedelic 60s and many, many more specialized, musical line-ups. New play lists and themed shows are regularly added by Cutler.

Im back where I began almost four decades ago and loving it, he says. Im not sure where Ill go from here but for now getting up and going to work every day is fun.

Thanks to my son, Seth, I feel born again!

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