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 Karaoke News Begins Licensing New Karaoke Rooms

OTTAWA, CANADA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 05/09/2000 --, the leader in interactive music entertainment on the web, has recently developed and begun licensing an assortment of free virtual Karaoke Rooms to other popular websites. This online music company is making history by launching the Net's first commercially available "streaming" Karaoke Rooms. These Rooms leverage the RealPlayer(R) from RealNetworks(R), Inc. - the standard for streaming media on the Internet.

"Our streaming Karaoke Rooms can provide any website with very interactive, 'sticky' and fun music content that people love! Moreover, it's been proven to keep visitors on your website longer." said Trevor McGuire, President and CEO of McGuire continues, "To date, Lycos, Canoe and have licensed one or more of our Karaoke Rooms and we are actively negotiating with a number of other sites." hosts, manages and operates the Karaoke Rooms residing on their partner sites. Additionally, banner ads contained in the Rooms can be served by the licensee or by In either scenario, both parties share the advertising revenue generated from the banner ads that appear in each Room.

To date, boasts five different Karaoke Rooms that enable visitors to sing Karaoke on their PC with no purchase, download or installation required. Each Room features a user- friendly interface, song controls and anywhere from 10 to 50 songs that are rotated regularly. The current Karaoke Room lineup includes a Rock, Pop, Country, Easy Listening and Kid's Room. New rooms, content and features are being developed weekly.

Through their licensing strategies, will broaden its reach, generating widespread trial of PC-based Karaoke, and in turn, increase traffic to and reinforce brand awareness, while generating revenue. The success of this initiative will further entrench as the leader in interactive music and Karaoke on the Web.

Date: May 28 
Taken from the Hollywood Reporter 

LOS ANGELES -- The Walt Disney Co. has decided to release Bruce Paltrow's ``Duets,'' which stars his daughter Gwyneth, after the filmmaker agreed to cut 10 minutes from it.

Disney executives, who pulled the film from its original May 5 release because of two violent scenes they felt took the audience out of the movie, plan to debut the film at the Toronto film festival in September.

Disney will subsequently give ``Duets'' a limited release under its Hollywood Pictures banner, opening the film in New York and Los Angeles.

One insider who had seen the new cut of the film said the two scenes in question are still in the film, ``but there are no squib hits. There is no blood. You see him get hit, but that's all. The only blood you see now is at the end of the film.''

One of the scenes that disturbed Disney executives was about halfway through the movie, when a convenience store clerk is shot. Instead of showing the bleeding wound, the scene now fades out.

The second scene was near the end of the film, when one of the characters is shot multiple times while performing karaoke on stage. With the current cut, the audience doesn't see the squib hits in the second scene, but there is blood.

``Maybe sometimes you get a little too close with things,'' Bruce Paltrow said. ``With the cuts, the audience response was better than it was before. I stand corrected.''

``Duets'' follows three characters who travel the country on their way to a karaoke competition in Omaha, Neb. Besides Gwyneth Paltrow, the film also stars Maria Bello, Andre Braugher, Huey Lewis, Paul Giamatti and Scott Speedman.

``At the end of the day, it was less about the squib hits and more about tonal shifts of the story, which I think works fine. Most of the cuts were made in the first 30 minutes of the movie,'' Bruce Paltrow said. ``Is it the cut I made? No, but I don't have any quibbles.''

Date: Apr 19 

Spotlight couple Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias, two of the hottest selling pop-music stars, are an item, says the New York Post.

The other night they showed up together at 2 a.m. at this week's Trendy Manhattan Saloon, called Nell's, for "open mike night," which I guess is some kind of karaoke thing.

They danced a little, and soon, says a Post source who was there, "they were kissing very deeply, very passionately. They weren't trying to hide it at all."

Aguilera's publicist, Elaine Shock, told the paper the two did not go home together. Enrique's publicist, John Reilly, says the two have been friends since they performed together at the Super Bowl halftime show.

The Montreal Gazette 


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