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 DJ Kaori The Interview

 Jimi Bruce

Editor's note: As part of our expanding coverage Jimi Bruce our freshman writer takes us to NV for an interview with turntablist, DJ, and soon to be producer DJ Kaori      

Jb: This is Jim Bruce "on-location" for tonite in the West Village of Manhattan, NYC with rising star of

DJs, Kaori who's about to take her turn on the tables and blaze some Hip Hop for the NV crowd...How ARE you!?

K: I'm fine, glad to see, Jimi!

Jb: Now dear reader, THIS, let's see, I met you about five or six years ago? , and you were playin' at that spot on W. 14th St. in Manhattan; what was the name of that spot?

K: Ahh, Plush or Pulse or something?

Jb: Yeah, over in the Meat district near Hogs n' Heffer's!  I almost didn't recognize you tonite, you've cut your HAIR!

K: (laughsJ)!

Jb: I was looking for the long black hair, you changed-up on me!!

K: Yeeeah (laughingJ!)

Jb: this is a nic look on you.

K: Thank you very much!

Jb: So it's a Sunday night, big thundershowers outside after it was crazy hot today in the city, and you're here at Club NV, the corner of Spring and Hudson streets. I like the overhead balcony-like dj area upstairs. How long you been playing here?

K: Ahh, like almost...more than three years now.

Jb: Really?!

K: Yeah.

Jb: Wow!  It's hard to believe I met you so long ago, seems like just a couple years ago; and you said you were new to Djing...

K: I been Djing in New York almost six years now.

Jb: Alright! And where were you before here?

K:  Before here I was Djing at the Matchbar, and a bunch of different places like , ah, New Music Café, an...

Jb: In New York City?

K: In New York, yeah, and before that I was in Japan.

Jb: Right, that's where you're from originally?

K: Yeah..

Jb: What city there?

K: Tokyo, I come from Tokyo...

Jb: And that's one of the most interesting things about you to me.  You're the first Tokyo-born lady DJ, playin in  New York I've ever seen, and you're blowin' up BIG now playin Hip Hop!  How'd you get into playin Hip Hop?

K: Ahh, I've been playing Hip Hop for a long time.

Jb: Is music in your background, like when you grew-up?

K: Yes, since I was little I've been into music.  And then I started collecting vinyl, you know, the records that I liked and then, getting expanded, more and more records...

Jb: So, you live now in the City and you like it?

K: I like it - Love it.

Jb: I was watching a Roy Jones, Jr. boxing match on TV...

K: Yeah, I was Djing for the Roy Jones fight, yeah!

Jb: How'd you get that?

K: I'd been Djing parties like NV and whatever, so Roy Jones probably - sensed the reputation, then, they hired me, yeah...

Jb: Okay, and it was on cable?

K: It was on HBO.  After that I did another party too. The after fight party for him, yeah.

Jb: That's good! Like I was so surprised when I was watching, and I see you through the overhead camera!

K: So, I've been doing a lot of special events for like  Puff Daddy, Mike Tyson, Wesley Snipes, Ving Reins...

Jb: That's Great!

K: I was on Tour with them, ya know, movies (extras) parties, and stuff like that.  I do album release party for like, Foxy Brown, Joe an'...

Jb: So you've been rubbin shoulders with alotta famous people!? 

K: Yeah...I'm trying to do my thing...

Jb: Well I'm proud of you, cause you've come a long way in a short time.  Do you have an agent?

K: Yeah, right now I'm down with Big Dawg Funkmaster Flex and Big Dawg Pitbulls and they're managing me.

Jb:  Okay!  Funkmaster Flex from Hot 97 radio in New York!

K: Yeah...

Jb: Did you ever meet Buggsy?

K: Oh, yes!

Jb: He and I went to High School together over in Queens back in the day.

K: Buggsy moved to another station, right?

Jb: Yeah, he's doin Jammin Oldies these days.  So we're here, with DJ Kaori...was it hard for you to get accepted by the HipHop community?

K: Oh, not really, I mean, I'm doin my thing so...I try to...just  represent.

Jb: Yes, just Represent - do it the right way?

K: Yeah, yeah.

Jb: What other clubs have you been featured at?  I remember a coupla years ago you packin' 'em in downstairs at Nell's on 14th Street...

K: Ahh, Wednesdays at Shine, but not right now.  The Tunnel last time I saw you - Right now here at NV Sunday only, but I'm gonna start, I guess on Thursdays at Limelight.

Jb: Oh really, my old 80s hangout is back open?

K: They're open, but not like used to...

Jb: What, no liquor license?

K: Oh, but they got liquor license now, yeah.

Jb: So, what does DJ Kaori do when she's not Djing? 

K:  Right now I'm working on a lotta Production stuff.  I'm doing a lot of remix for Japanese artists.  So I want to produce.  That's my ultimate goal.  Like now I just started doing the production, I have to do everything.

Jb:  Who's a hot Japanese artist right now?

K:  Hip Hop and R & B features one girlfriend named Hira Hikaru Utaba (pron: "Scotty Stada-hara) [ I think ]jb

Jb;  Well that's okay!  Maybe I should lay some of MY poetic lyrics on you!

K:  Okay.  I'm trying to focus on the Production.  Of course I want to continue the Djing, that's my foundation.

Jb:  Thank you - the lovely DJ Kaori, my friend, for speaking with

K:  Thank you very much, Jimi!

Jb: Let's go upstairs, they're asking for you on the turntables...  


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